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New this year, Catholic Reflections encourages students to think more deeply about their faith.  It includes discussion and journaling prompts, scripture passages and prayer references.  Students will read, talk, connect, and reflect on each lesson.


Xavier House

Patron Saint: St. Francis Xavier

Feast Day: December 3

Motto: “We are One, United in God”

Color: Purple-symbolizes justice, sovereignty, and royalty

The 8 Teaching Methodologies:

In the transmission of the faith, the Church uses God’s own methodology as the paradigm and, with that divine pedagogy as the reference point, chooses diverse methods that are in accord with the Gospel.

  • Learning through Human Experience
  • Learning by Discipleship
  • Learning within the Christian Community
  • Learning within the Christian Family
  • Learning through the Witness of the Catechist
  • Learning by Heart
  • Making a Commitment to Live the Christian Life
  • Learning by Apprenticeship

Christ in the New Testament

Jesus himself drew near and walked with them,…

Luke 24:15

As to disciples walk along the road to Emmaus, not far from Jerusalem, a stranger, as yet unrecognized as Jesus, joins them and begins a conversation with them.  The story communicates to us that Jesus patiently walks with us on our own journeys of faith and that we must open to his presence.

Unit 1

Introduction to Sacred Scripture

Proclaim Boldly

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Matthew

Luke and the Acts

The Gospel of John

Unit 2

Evangelizing the Word

The Letter to the Romans

The Letter to the Philippians

The Letter to the Colossians

The Letter to the Hebrews

The Book of Revelation

We are proud to have Sofia N. as this year's Head of House
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Grade 7
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